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    targa rally micra

    heres my micra on the recent de lacy targa rally
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    janspeed manifold wanted

    looking for a used janspeed manifold for my k11 , anything considered cheers dan
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    which primera master cylinder fits

    looking to upgrade my master cylinder at the same time as fitting 100nx front brakes , have heard its a primera p10 2.0 master cylinder? is that correct
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    inner sill jacking point pictures

    has anyone got a picture of how the inner sill / rear jacking point looks like without the outer sill and without rust/ damage
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    rfx wheels wanted

    wanted revolution rfx wheels 5.5 x 13 or 6 x 13 to fit micra or vauxhall 4x100
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    wiring for digital clock on pre facelift

    Ok thanks will pull the radio out look for a permanent 12v
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    wiring for digital clock on pre facelift

    If you read the post it says I have installed a set of sr/si clocks , my car being a base spec ha son wiring for the digital clock or Rev counter
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    wiring for digital clock on pre facelift

    Have installed a set of sr/si clocks into my pre facelift and got the rev counter working by wiring from pin2 on the ecu straight up to the back of the clocks as my car didnt have any of the wiring present , where can i take a wire from to get the digital clock working ?
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    K11 ecu wanted

    K11 wanted must be 0261200965 part number
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    looking for a pre face breaking in white

    hi im looking for a pre face 3 door in white for the drivers door cheers dan
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    wanted dirvers door white 3 door

    wanted k11 pre facelift drivers door in white 3 door
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    Best base for road rally/targa

    Which is best for road rally / targa use a 1.3 pre facelift or facelift distributor/coil pack car , do late model pre facelifts have power steering ? Is there an issue with later cars and the nats system Thanks