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    Dattosan Machi Suzuki twincam 4wd project pg22

    Stance like that would be useless around where I live - it's all country lanes, roundabouts, potholes, speedbumps, and uneven camber :laugh:
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    Dattosan Machi Suzuki twincam 4wd project pg22

    Loving the stance you got now Kev, looks sweet as (Y)(Y)(Y)
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    Anyone else seen this?

    £10,000? You must be having a laugh. Definitely not worth that, but I imagine it's quite a fun car. And it's been seen everywhere as well
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    Hi everyone!

    Hello and welcome (Y)
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    putting the spare and jack away

    Under the arrow (Y). Just unscrew the jack so it's as low as it'll go, then wedge it under the gap and screw it up so it wedges into place (Y)
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    will theese speakers be worth a try

    For that price, yes. Especially since they seem to have built in tweeters and have a peak power of 300 watts. I'd go for them (Y)
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    Jae 2012 dates get them in your stuffin diary and book off work

    I have to wait until I have a job before I can book time off from it :glare:. That said, as soon as I actually have the money for it, I will be ordering my tickets, I don't want to miss out next year. Even if don't have another Micra by then :wasntme:
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    Nissan Micra DIG-S

    They are nice little cars - fairly well built (even though the interior is a little "cheap and plasticy"), quite nippy for such a small engine, and comfortable. But the styling? :doh::doh:
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    Bunny's March K11 Cabriolet!

    Love this mate, so clean and such a nice colour (Y). Liking the original owners manual and warning notices in Japanese :laugh::grinning:
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    Weighed my micra yesterday

    Mine was 680kg after I stripped it out (aircon, back seats, spare wheel, carpets, roof lining, all interior panels/trim excluding front door cards and dashboard). And that was with big heavy alloys :grinning:
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    Steering Rack Gaiters --------------

    Euro Car parts are your best bet, or a new set off eBay (Y)
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    Project K11 begins!

    Good job mate, you're going to have yourself a little rocket there (Y)
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    Nissan Micra Car Insurance

    Not a bad quote, my Micra was £2100 to insure when I first bought it :laugh:. The car was £625 when I bought it, so go figure :doh:. And then if I was to insure it with all the mods in November - £3000 with 6 points :glare:. It's just ridiculous
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    JDM HKS Hi-Power Exhaust muffler for K11 AND MANY MORE AWESOME EXHAUSTS!

    Ah right, fair enough. I thought you ment a sound video or something :laugh:. Looks mint though, I'm a big fan of the Blitz exhaust (Y). Might have to get one on the next Micra :wasntme:
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    fuel gauge

    Sometimes if it's slow to move, the needle just needs a bit of grease to free it up, because they can become stiff. But it's strange that it's taking so long for it to rise fwn