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    Out-troduction Anyone that ones to keep in touch.
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    My new car

    Nice Car Mate. Loving the Decals, My friend had a red one with the gold rally decals. looks alright too. Get its more fun then the Almera, not that it was still fun, lol.
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    This unfortunately is a quick Note to say bye... I want to thank you all... Richie, Fraz, Neil, Titch, James, Rich, Steve (Simon), Paul, Gaz, Awesome, Paddy, Alan, Em’s, Andy, Ant, Jason, Nex, Lee, Craig, Kristian, Dan, Glenn, Gary, The G Man, Kev, Amanda, Abdul, Mike, Ollie, Paddy, Chris...
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    dash dials

    LockWood do them for the Pulsars, 200SX and Sunny, Aint seen any for the Micra. Give them a Try. I went Custom only thing was I needed lighting from the front, so looked rubish at night. Darren.
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    footwell neons

    Yep, Totaly Agree.
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    woo-hoo, I just brought another K11

    :wasntme: Pics BTW...
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    Corolla - written off :( (now with crash pics)

    Thats Terrible, im really sorry to hear that, such a nice car and paintwork :( But like always im glad your able to tell us and not badly hurt! I spose the road condistion will help your claim? Darren.
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    My 4th Micra! K11 1.3 SR

    Same Here, I typed up nice car etc, then though wait a minuet! lol
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    how much would you expect to pay...

    No more then £1500
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    k10 6x9s

    It would be just a respray in yellow to replace the faded bumpers, only the rear will be different. The Colour is Bloom Yellow!
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    Last Micra Clearout... Everything MUST go.

    they are 13"
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    k10 6x9s

    lol, yeah, well I have to go now, I might pop in tommrow actully... Sorry for turning your thread around, lol. Cheers :)
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    k10 6x9s

    Front, Rear Bumpers, Side Skirts and Spoiler, but the rear bumper would be different.
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    k10 6x9s

    I'll Pop in on tuesday mate, cheers for that.
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    k10 6x9s

    Not very well if im honest, I might have to take a visit, thinking of getting a twin exhaust in July. Does he Spray cars?