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    Curtis' micra k10

    I’m still about! what’s the car like now? Really miss that thing!!
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    My 1989 March Super Turbo Rebuild

    Baz, if you're still thinking of selling send me a PM. Cheers
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    Littlewood's K10.

    Me and Ja are going to get this Sunday...thankyouplease NiallK10: Ja will probably do this with you so contact us on monday!
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    fastest 1.0 k10
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    fastest 1.0 k10

    Very thristy indeed, but worth it when it use to keep up with GTi6's and my old almera gti
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    fastest 1.0 k10

    My MA12 Dave walker race engine - Everything done! With the Twin 36DCNF webers made 92 bhp Search for my old thread of my 4 K10's Wow i feel old now and only 21 :P
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    Littlewood's K10.

    Buy it Ja...
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    Curtis' micra k10

    Cheers Frank (Y)
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    Curtis' micra k10

    Anyone heard or seen any pics updates on my old white micra? K10franny is the members name who bought it from me.. That car had one amazing engine in it and would be a shame to waste it...i want it back lol :)
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    Prefer the look of the K10 tbh...I hate Dubs with a passion
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    F/S 3 Spoke Aloys CHEAP!

    These will sell so easy on the almeraownersclub, 2 or 3 members are looking for some...ill post a link on there tonight for you...if it already hasn't
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    The mistery car I mention in my new car thread

    Also its good it was already black as it saves having the engine bay done :)
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    The mistery car I mention in my new car thread

    I love it Baz! Great engine too... Not a fan of the yellow, but works well
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    Fuel economy and petrol light

    If your talking about fuel you need to fill the tank up, as your driving changes all the time... Fill it up, then you know how much is in the tank, drive like you would until you conk out (keep a can of petrol in the car) The work it out from your trip comp/millage counter
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    Hi all