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    K10 GS Auto For Sale

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    K10 GS Auto For Sale

    I found this 1 owner Micra in storage. It is completely original. I have put it on eBay.
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    I need K10 advice?

    Hello. Last year I purchased a 1990 K10 GS Auto. It had been in storage for 9 years and was in beautiful condition. The interior was unbelievable. I need an automatic so I bought it. It had done 20000 miles, but since I’ve had it it’s now close to 22000. So my question is should I keep it? I...
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    I’ve found a gem

    Morning. Just bought a K10 GS Auto. It’s done 20 000 miles. Is in mint condition inside and out. It looks like it just came out of the showroom! I’m not a massive enthusiast but do you think it’s worth holding on to? It’s a 1991 and all original. Craig