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    WTD: Few K11 parts needed (BOLNEY ATTENDEES PLEASE CHK)

    FAO Craig. If you are coming to Bolney tomorrow don't worry about bringing the spoiler, micra owner friend is not coming so will arrange postage if thats ok. I'll be in touch asap. Cheers.
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    WTD: Few K11 parts needed (BOLNEY ATTENDEES PLEASE CHK)

    Oops sorry to hear that. Thanks Craig and I will let you know asap. Nx is still going strong thanks. Are you going to be at Bolney this Saturday?
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    WTD: Few K11 parts needed (BOLNEY ATTENDEES PLEASE CHK)

    Hi Craig, im well thank you. You? Great news to hear you have the spoiler, i'll let him know. Any idea of price?? Are you still driving your 1ltr or have you upgraded? Fitted that backbox i sold you yet :d
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    WTD: Few K11 parts needed (BOLNEY ATTENDEES PLEASE CHK)

    Ok well i should be attending the Bolney meet this saturday and my friend who bought my K11 should be coming with me. Basically i just wanted to check if anyone coming has any spare parts which he needs. He needs:- Front drivers and passengers door cards, Super S spoiler (some muppet...
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    Bolney '06 - "Beauty and The Beast" - 8th April 2006

    Ooo i think i may try and bring the Nx along, will try and get a few other members along too.
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    Photo's of Members K11's

    Those rear lights are gorgeous.
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    high pitch noise

    Yes you can do this but doesn't always work, the whine can also be caused by badly installed rca's and power leads, if you are running amps of course. Just ensure that speaker wire/rca's are run through car away from the power leads. Other than this the whine can also be casued by faulty rca...
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    convertible micra

    Its funny seeing this post because i actually saw a mk1 K11 convertible last week, it was black iirc. Looked a bit dodgy in person but cool to see :O
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    my micra after a few mods

    It looks decent apart from the blue bits on the rear lights spoil the rear end. Id say either keep them standard or maybe tint that bit black
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    G_Mans K11 Super S

    Is £1000 all your really selling it for, thats silly :) All the kit added must amount to far over that. Very nice car, in particular i love this shot:-
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    Review of the K12 CC

    My mums thinking of ordering one of these, i think they look really nice. Glass roof is a nice touch. Any idea on waiting lists for these?
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    Progress Report on Dan's K10

    Yeh its a shame they've started to abuse Stu's car as his is very nice. But as much as i hate to say it in a way i agree with them with regards to the K10. Yes i appreciate all of the work that has gone into and its just my opinion but i feel too much has been done and its been ruined a bit...
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    Progress Report on Dan's K10

    Well Dans monster has made it onto Barry boys already.
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    Progress Report on Dan's K10

    Looking good. The only thing i would say is widen the track at the rear to complete the wide look as the wheels sit too far inside the arch at the mo :)