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    Santa Pod RWYB Day

    If you can hit 88 mph
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    Engine swap k11 Is pretty close, although I think it's a manual...
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    Engine rebuild parts

    Over the winter I'm going to start putting together a high comp engine - presume I'll be needing new rings, bearings etc. Before I trawl google for suppliers, anyone had good experience with any? Would be good to know, other than Matt Humphris, what options are out there? Craig
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    Anyone have a crankshaft pulley for r reg k11 Micra(pre face lift)

    I might have one lying about - 1l or 1.3? Craig
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    Turbo engine build specs

    The CGa autos (or at least the block I have) is fully-open deck, so think it's just teh cg10 and cg13 that are semi closed. Craig
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    SuperS Forged Turbo Build

    Shameless bump just to ask you what colour code your car is Dave?
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    K11 exhaust manifold options

    Fairly sure Matt Humphris has Janspeed ones in stock - have you called him? Craig
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    PollyMobiles Rebuild

    Is this related to the work you did to lower the outer end of the wishbones to raise your roll centre? Keep meaning to ask how that has stood up to the test of time? Craig
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    K11 or K12?

    Facebook is probably your best bet for quick responses, I think K12s are pretty reliable and there's plenty of spare parts for them, but not really my cup of tea TBH. Probably a bit safer too. Nothing to stop you getting the K12 (assuming it's fairly priced) and holding onto it until a decent...
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    Info on non-original engine

    So I've 3 logbooks, of various 1st reg dates: 15/07/99 T-reg: CG10-714xxx 29/01/97 P-reg: CG10-408xxx 30/09/94 M-reg: CG13-080xxx A sample size of 3, but I'd posit engine numbers are sequential and ascending. Seems likely it's the original engine and, as 1275 suggests, is an error in the...
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    Info on non-original engine Does the front bumper look like this one? If so, was originally a coilpack. I think the steering wheel also changed. Pretty unlikely for it to be changed from a coil to a dizzy engine though as...
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    SR20 Guide

    Nice and easy - you able to share where you got your shafts made up? Craig
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    Dizzy exhaust cast manifold wanted

    NP, I'll have a look in my garage tomorrow... Craig
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    Ryan's Micra Blog

    Haha, I dig this, takes me back to early MSC days when all the photos were tiny and grainy
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    Dizzy exhaust cast manifold wanted

    You want the whole thing incl. cat, or just the top half? Craig