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    Matiz 1994 SuperS a.k.a TommyKaira March R#OST

    Lol don't blame you mate not a fan of strips either but got to love a bit of GT2, only game I can use a k10 micra lol.
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    Matiz 1994 SuperS a.k.a TommyKaira March R#OST

    Are you going to put the white stripe on it, gran turismo 2 style!? Lol Awesome car mate truly awesome 👍
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    Nissan March/micra 1000cc turbo engine

    Hey mate tomsmicra4 is parting out a nissan figaro on here which is a ma10et, probably best to ask him for it he said he'll also post world wide 👍
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    Figaro for part out

    Hey mate did you ever part out your figaro? Might be interested in the brake calipers Cheers
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    Franken-Mikey Build

    Never got on with lowered springs on standard shocks, especially if the shocks are old will just bugger them quicker lol. But is a lot cheaper than coilovers will give you that.
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    Franken-Mikey Build

    Got a set of corsa b coilovers brand new if you want £110? Not to hard to fit either someone has a how to video on YouTube. Love that shade of blue, car looks proper cool 👍
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    benji_'s '94 Micra Tropic Build Log

    Fair enough mate 👍
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    benji_'s '94 Micra Tropic Build Log

    Hey mate see in your first post you might be after a set of corsa b coilovers, got a set not even used still in the box for £120 if your interested?
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    Performance parts wanted k10 ma12

    From what I've read it's possible although a figaro is only 70bhp, also sure I read on here that the ma12s aren't the best for turboing. Apparently putting the ma10 head on a ma12 is meant to help
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    Performance parts wanted k10 ma12

    By the looks of it there is nothing off the shelf for theses cars but lots of parts can be made to fit. Best thing is just to go though this site and read up on everything, some of the people on here have got some good power out of these little engines with just a uprated carb and new manifolds...
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    Does anyone know where i can get a strut mount of a corsa B Is that them?
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    Wanted! Ma12 engine

    Long shot but anyone got a ma12 for sale?
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    Nissan Micra K10 Engine Swap Advice????

    I'd say look for a cheap k11 1.3 as a donor, lots of people have done the swap on here so plenty of information about it and the 1.3s are good little engines, strong, chain driven and lightweight. Or go super crazy and get a 7th gen celica, the 1zz 1.8 has around 140bhp as standard and are so...
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    60mm lowering springs?

    Hi there mate I've got a set of brand new corse b coilovers for sale still in the box! Same as that and apparently quite easy to do on a K11, found a video on YouTube of someone doing it. £130