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    MA09ERT crank/cam sensors? (Speeduino for an ECU?)

    No problem, DM me if you need anything else, I have all of the shop manuals and wiring diagrams handy at home. The Supercharger turns off above 4,000 RPM so that sounds perfect. Good luck and let me know how the speeduino comes along, my dad is putting one together for one of his cars as well.
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    MA09ERT crank/cam sensors? (Speeduino for an ECU?)

    The MA09ERT uses a dual optical sensor for both the RPM and the Cam sensor. There should be four wires coming out of the sensor, (Green/yellow, Green/black, Black/white and black). Black/white (44A/1)-12 Power Green/yellow (10/2)-1 degree signal (speed sensor) Black (45A/3)- 180 degree signal...
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    1989 Superturbo

    Can't wait to see what you come up with. I still haven't got the MAF sensor installed that you sent me, hopefully this weekend I'll get some time.
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    Pictures of Vacuum Control Valve (UFO) Internals

    That is exciting, we are all looking forward to a solution to finally remove the UFO valve and the 20+ meters of vacuum lines. Watching the video last night gave me hope that maybe I can get my ST converted Figaro running. Very cool stuff.
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    Pictures of Vacuum Control Valve (UFO) Internals

    I actually still haven’t got the car running properly and am putting in a megasquirt system to eliminate the MAF sensor. Ultimately I would love to get the bypass circuit to run independently from the factory ECU. I’m very curious how you manage to control the bypass system. I really hope it’s...
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    Suepr Turbo

    sfjalfa bruh.
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    MA09ERT stuff
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    Any ST owners still active?

    I think most of the parts are common to the Figaro or the Nissan Micra/March K10 Chassis. This forum specifically doesn't seem to be very active.
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    Pictures of Vacuum Control Valve (UFO) Internals

    Hello, I'm still trying to suss out what's wrong with the engine over boosting and I'm slowing checking all of the devices as per the Nissan engine manual. One item that I haven't tested is the UFO valve. I was looking through the older posts and someone pulled of of their duplicate valves...
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    ST Swap Overboost

    Hello Again, After some noodling around this summer with building my garage, I finally got some time back on the Super Turbo. Since the last post, I mentioned that I was getting some swooshing sounds from the engine when I hammered on the throttle and it sounded like the engine was coming on...
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    ST Swap Overboost

    Hello Again, I got the Figaro running with the engine swapped over. After a lot of fiddling around with data-loggers, wide-band sensors, the Japanese factory manuals, the solution was pretty simple. I used the Figaro air filter box and MAF housing with the ST sensor installed. I never...
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    ST Swap Overboost

    So I got the ST Engine swapped into the Figaro. I finally managed to get it running after it sitting in the garage for about three weeks. It turned out the spark plugs were fouled despite running for two days before deciding to give up the ghost. Anyhow, before it died, it had a pretty rough...
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    Super Turbo Driveshafts

    I have contacted the vendor that I purchased the engine and transmission from and it looks like they're going to be able to get me the drive shafts. The only problem is that I don't know if they're going to provide the uprights as well. I don't know if anyone knows if the output shaft on the...