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    2006 C+C Micra
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    2006 C+C Micra
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    2006 C+C Micra

    Here you go:
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    2006 C+C Micra

    I don't. Sorry.
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    2006 C+C Micra

    Here you go:
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    2006 C+C Micra
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    Pcv valve

    1181041B02 is the part number. The service manual mentions that you have to change the gasket if you're "poking" around the area (part no. 1181241B00). I bought them from amayama (the delivery time is about 2-3 weeks and they're genuine). Some people just clean the valve with carb spray cleaner...
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    2006 C+C Micra

    Here you go: :)
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    Buying advice - 2010 Nissan Micra Visia

    Check the underside, fuel filler tube and neck for rust; engine bay also.
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    Fuel Filter in tank or not?

    On diesel models the filter is somewhere in the engine bay and is replaceable, on petrol engines is integrated in the fuel pump and is inside the fuel tank.
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    Carbon cannister

    this dude explains it pretty well
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    Error Code P0113.
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    Error Code P0113.

    It is integrated in the manifold pressure sensor. If you have the service manual it is page EC-153.
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    Throttle Position Sensor

    There is one inside the throttle body and one on the accelerator pedal.
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    What bulb type is this?

    It's a W5W light bulb.