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    K11 nearside door

    Hi all. As you know, I own a really nice 1996 K11 1.0. Not a special car, but it's done less than 45k miles. It drives like it's new! Really nice to have a fun little car with its unassisted steering again. It's like driving a go cart! It was purchased as a replacement for my other half's...
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    K11 Micra immobiliser (NATS)

    Tadley Shoe Repairs & Key Cutting inTadley, Hampshire supplied, cut and programmed a key. £35! Very impressed with the service. They are next to the big Sainsburys. I left them my keys, bought lunch, and it was done. He said it would be harder to do with later model Micras, so I was lucky...
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    K11 Micra immobiliser (NATS)

    Hello everyone. I became the owner of a fabulous little K11 today. Only 45k miles from new, and owned originally by my friend's elderly dad. It's got a new MOT. I am looking forward to owning a proper car again. But there is one problem. It's only got one key! I have a solution. Will it...
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    why did you use that user name for?

    I am chris667. The neighbour of the beast.
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    Allow myself to introduce... myself....

    Hello, I am Chris667 I have owned lots of cars in the last 20-odd years.However, today, I became the proud owner of a K11 Micra, with only 45,000 miles on the clock. I bought it to provide a replacement to my other half's K12, but feel like I have a responsibility to keep such a nice, original...