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    engine might be seized

    You getting the micra back on the road ant?
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    Time for a change ....

    The micra is a brilliant car with the 1.4 engine taking alot of people by surprise and yes you never know i will probs have a 1.0 when the skoda is fully been played with an a garage queen. (im a detailer so this is what im into :D concourse cars yum yum :D) The power in them is very good...
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    Time for a change ....

    Well ive been into the micra seen for the past 4 years owning a 1litre and then moving onto my 1.4 sport+ i love the micra but i think its time for me to move onto something a little bit more powerful and something a bit more refined. I have just put a deposit down on a skoda fabia VRS in...
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    FS:CGA injector upgrade

    Would this give my CGA anything without a remap?
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    Solid ciscs for 1.4 K11 Activ?

    about £50 iirc I have a sport+ 1.4 and i have solid discs dont know if vented would fit in my calliper but i would have them if they fitted.
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    re has anyone ever had a similar prob on his k11 preface?

    Yeh, Ive had this problem with both my k11's. first one i took one off an almera in the scrappy and that worked fine and sold it like that. With my current k11 i had to change it 4-5 times because they had melted but at the minute its been ok for a while. All i rekon is to keep changing it...
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    Engine Transplants ... are a no go....!!!! READ Oh Dear :(
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    Have a look on piston heads ... there are plently of 1.3 and the 1.4 and most are looking for part ex
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    Anyone live in/near HULL ROYAL

    I know who this is, i spoke to the guy at hull cruise a while back. he has a prefacelift red micra with black wheels and a red pin stripe around the rim and he was taking about having it lowered 30mm. i cant remember the name of the lad that he uses on here but he was truggling with...
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    Lots of Scratches

    right to get these out you need alot of patience and a little knowledge. wax will only protect the surface and not remove any scratches what so ever you will need something along the lines of fracella g3 compound which will remove then bigger sctaches and then use auto glym super resin...
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    NISMO Parts

    The cube uses the k11 micra cga3de engine with 20 more bhp than the k11. they have a better inlet cam which means more bhp for the cube.
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    195/50/r15 with 55mm lowering springs

    would 5mm really make that much difference? I dont get any at the minute and i do drive it really hard. I seem to go through alot of tyres due to the camber wearing the inside edge of the tyres.
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    195/50/r15 with 55mm lowering springs

    I currently have my k11 lowered on the 55mm lowering springs provided by MPH i have 195/45/15 tryes on at the minute. i just wondering if anyone uses 195/50/15 with these springs and have any problems because i have the chance for 4 brand new tyres with the 50 profile for 50 quid.
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    bartos new micra

    Can i have your 4-2-1 manifold? I will collect it for £80??? Thanks
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    Fibreglass Suppliers in Kent

    how much are you looking to use? what size panels? if im honest your best off looking on eBay.