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    bit of a silly question

    right i cant remember whether this was on my k11 or my polo lol but am gonna tell ya just incase. if it is the k11 the seat slide slightly forward before bring them up its lyk some sort of lock. hope it might help lol
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    You know your a micra owner when....

    your the reason no1 else can get a new 1 then haha. thats how a family should be(Y)
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    Guess The Car?

    kubelwagen but ill go with thing lol. how fun is everyone finding this lol cheers drsynfeef for starting it (Y)
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    Guess The Car?

    can i have a go?
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    Guess The Car?

    it was just the first couple of mitsubishis that came to mind lol
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    Guess The Car?

    galant? of carisma?(Y) wild stab lol
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    Free tyre tread depth and pressure checker

    ordered me one of them. thats great that(Y)
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    New Super S owner - Plymouth

    hi. love the corolla its class!!!! i wanna say i love the super s too but whats stopping me is the fact i wanted it lol. i looked and would of bought straight away if it wasnt MILES AWAY!! (Y)
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    Please reccomend.

    well yh id say that was ok, but in the questions at the bottom it does say they would recomend it for a car with a spoiler. as i said mine was ok but its up to you mate
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    Please reccomend.

    get the low hangng type if ya worried about the spoiler baring in mind with that yall need another number plate to attatch in front of it. i tried ma mates lift up one(lyk above the number plate type) and it worked with clearance for my spoiler with 2 bikes on. best bet is to get lyk a multi...
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    Why do people underestimate micras

    That was exactly same with me mate. wednesday nights near me was what we all call 't park boy racer night' and i work in teesside park. the amount of boy racers that would come into my restaurant see that my badge said big ben and then instantly recognise me as the guy owning the micra...
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    Why do people underestimate micras

    Street racing is not tolerated on the MSC
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    Hello, and my k11 :)

    its quite fun to do it yourself yano haha. i did mine after alot of worrying about it n then a week later the poor thing ended up in the scrappy lol. doing it actually drummed abit of work up for me too ive got a few jobs tinting lined up as soon as i get the time( it was my first time). if ya...
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    ooo i hope thats y ill go with that lol(Y)
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    help please

    sounds a bit weird. i personally know nout about automatic gearboxes so cant reeli comment. im sure theres some lads with automatics on here tho and theres alot of em with expert knowledge. wait a while and im sure theres someone who can answer the question and if not try searching and there...