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    Project Fuel savings

    Well as they say . After spending a small fortune on Discs and pads Full exhaust ( including £40 for the middle section hanger ) Two new engine mountings CV boots The auto box decided to die on the first run after fitting all the new bits , the cost of a replacement gearbox would have...
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    CVT expert needed

    I have had a nightmare this week with my Auto box . I was having major problems with selecting gears on the car and put it down to the badly worn engine mountings , two days ago the passenger side mounting tore away and rendered the car unmovable ( wont select gear ) . So I have replaced...
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    Project Fuel savings

    Ex road rally car ? that would explain the dents in every panel ( even the roof ) The reverse light has beeen removed since the picturewas took ( my son jetwashed it and it started to look like a fish bowl ) Steve
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    Project Fuel savings

    Ive not updated this thread for ages so its about time I did . Getting used to driving a CVT was very quick and now I don't think I want to go back to another manual . ( I am quite lazy ) 40 mpg is bloody fantastic , I do most of my driving n the M60 so a constant speed at as low a revs as...
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    Tow bar K11

    Hi guys , I am looking for a tow bar for a K11 As close to Bolton as possible . Steve
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    Fast tickover

    The problem is not just a fast idle . It is fine from cold and most times when warm it just is a lot faster after a run on the motorway , it settles down after a short while straight after though . Driving me bloody mad . Steve
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    Fast tickover

    Six months I have been living with my Micra and to be honest I love the little thing . After a few teething problems getting the old girl sorted from a life of neglect , the one problem that is bugging me the most is this . After a run down the motorway ( 40 miles ) I am faced with an engine...
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    Engine mounts

    Where can I get a new one ? I prefer new to breaker parts . Main stealer has quoted me £ 98 for a top engine mounting drivers side K11 1.0 16v . I would rather get a pattern part for half that but . Who does them ? Steve
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    Under bonnet fuse box

    Cheers Frank . I will be outside later once it stops bloody raining , its odd that all the fuse boxes corrode in the same way . My fusebox looks exactly like yours does , except someone has had a go at fixing it before and butchered all the plastic surround . Steve
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    Under bonnet fuse box

    Ive got the common problem of a corroded headlight fuseholder so I intend to remove the link and replace it with an inline fuse . How easy is it to dismantle the fuse box ? Steve
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    Project Fuel savings

    M O T was passed with flying colours . Time to start saving money . Its going to be strange buying petrol , been driving diesels for the past twelve years . Steve
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    Project Fuel savings

    Wow ! has it been three months since I was last here ?. Yesterday I managed to sell the gas guzzling van , the Micra goes in for its MOT in the morning so hopefully i will be buying less fuel than I was before . I managed to sort out the rough running issues and the smoky exhaust so fingers...
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    Micra 1.0 no Rev counter. When to change gear (Maximum revs)

    Surely using your ears would be the best way to determine when to change gear .
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    Oil Dipstick Alternatives???

    Keep your dipstick in the boot but block the tube with an easily removable long bolt .
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    *Urgent* 3dr bench to 5dr split level seats!

    It would be very wobbly without the centre bracket . I changed the rear bench in my micra a few weeks ago get to your nearest breakers and remove one from a scrapped car , the bolt holes in your car will be covered with a black sticker so you can just bolt the bracket straight in using the...