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    Micra track car build

    Took the car down to the Three Sisters again on Bank Holiday Monday and it did so well, did 3 sessions and never got passed by anything the whole time. So happy with the car and the way it is set up now, i can push it so hard. I think the next step is going to be upgrading the brakes and...
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    Micra track car build

    Thanks mate :)
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    How to fit a Nissan Pulsar GTI-R short shifter to a K11 Micra.

    I've had mine in for a year now and done quite a lot of track days in it and it has been fine, it has started rattling a little in 5th gear though now like my OEM shifter used to. I haven't had a good look at it yet so i'm not sure if it's just the shifter has started to wear out or if the...
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    Micra track car build

    Yo guys. Sorry for the lack of updates recently, i'm going to try and commit to spending at least 1 day a week on the Micra from now on so that i can speed up the process a little. This week i spent the day making a start on cleaning up the engine bay, i've still got a lot to do but is looking...
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    Corsa B rear shocks for lowering?

    I think the standard shocks would be too long so when the suspension was on full travel there's a chance the springs might fall out. You need something shorter than the standard shocks but longer than the corsa ones. I'd highly recommend just spending a little extra on suspension that is made...
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    Rear inside wheel off the ground!!

    That's how i made mine, there was a massive road sign in my garage when i moved in and i kept it because it looked useful 😂
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    Oil mist?

    Best thing to do is wash it all off and then take it for a runand check it again, it's hard to tell where a leak is coming from if it's already covered in oil.
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    Oil mist?

    It's difficult to say where it's actually coming from without seeing it properly but from what you have described it sounds like there's a good chance your rocker cover gasket might be leaking.
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    Brake Lights Not Working

    Have you tried changing either of the bulbs? You can't always tell they are blown and it's not that uncommon for them to both go at the same time.
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    Micra track car build

    Got the car back on Three sisters last weekend, it performed great yet again :) Could possibly do with a tiny bit more power if i'm going to take it on a more open track but it was pretty much perfect on the little go kart track. Here's a few photo's and some on board footage from the day.
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    Micra track car build

    Yo guys. Been a while since i've managed to do any work on this project but finally made a little bit of progress. Got the Takata Harness fitted and also fitted the tow strap and big windscreen sticker. I've got some track time planned at Three sisters again this month, then Teeside next month...
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    Slight oil lick

    Shouldn't be leaking at all, probably needs a fresh washer on it
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    Scratched an itch I've had for years!

    Looks like a great buy and it hasn't turned pink which is a bonus!! My first one was a red prefacelift 1 litre, absolutely loved it
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    Induction kit K11 2002 Micra.

    Most of the kits you see for sale run behind the battery where there is absolutely no airflow. I made one myself and ran it the opposite way of everyone else to behind the drivers side headlight where there is slightly colder air, it would be even better if you made a cold air feed to go with...
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    Is a 17yr old K11 still worth it in 2019?

    My k11 is 23 years old and i've had it for 2 years now and the only thing i've had to replace is the brake pads and the heater resistor. They go forever if they've been well looked after and haven't been hit with the rust yet.