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    Yo guys. Been a while since i've managed to do any work on this project but finally made a little bit of progress. Got the Takata...
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    ash d replied to the thread Slight oil lick.
    Shouldn't be leaking at all, probably needs a fresh washer on it
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    Looks like a great buy and it hasn't turned pink which is a bonus!! My first one was a red prefacelift 1 litre, absolutely loved it
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    ash d replied to the thread Induction kit K11 2002 Micra..
    Most of the kits you see for sale run behind the battery where there is absolutely no airflow. I made one myself and ran it the opposite...
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    My k11 is 23 years old and i've had it for 2 years now and the only thing i've had to replace is the brake pads and the heater resistor...