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    Red for now rat

    Engine bay painted. Clutch and flywheel on and gearbox installed. Worked out coolant lines and worked out wiring just need some bits. All going well
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    Red for now rat

    Painted in both the arches. Engine bay next
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    Red for now rat

    Engine bay stripped down mostly today in prep for paint :)
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    Red for now rat

    Corsa top mounts modded to fit k10 body.
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    Eddie's Mighty Micra

    very cool. I do like the fog light install. what more do you have planned?
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    Red for now rat

    Random pics to get up to speed. Ga16de Twin webers Jeep head lights Mk1astra gte front panel Corsa gaz coilovers all round Corsa top mounts K11 hubs K11 wishbones K11 brakes Civic radiator 4-2-1 exhaust mani New k10 1.2 alternator New stage 1 ga16 clutch 15" pepper pot style steel...
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    Red for now rat

    My new project using parts from the old
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    Dattosan Machi Suzuki twincam 4wd project pg22

    Logged back on here mainly to follow and see what's going on too!
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    Photo's of Members K10's

    My current build. Been off here a while! Nice to see the site can image host now!
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    Hoopdub's '99 K11 agent AP0

    Just read thought this again. I purchased this car from you and sold it to a friend later on. Its currently off the road looking very sad for its self :/ I may have to buy it back and fix it up
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    inlet manifolds

    Nissan Figaro will fit
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    air ride

    I have thought about it but it's still gunna cost a bit to do. And from what I read handling will suffer.
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    engine rebuild

    carbs, exhaust and strip out. The best thing to do is make it handle well
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    Radiator Fan not working

    remove the plup from the sensor that is in the radiator. Bridge the two terminals with a bit of wire/ paper clip and place it out the way of the fan. Then turn ignition on. If it spins its probably the fan switch sensor.
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    Manifold heating...

    the coolant is fed from the inlet mani flange normally. I would have thought that would be a good place to tap into