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    GearBox common issues on K13

    Auto or manual? Auto CVT have a distingtive sound yes, like a continuous fssss. Also around 50 kmph the second gear kicks in. The CVT on Micras are dual speed CVT and the change occurs around 50. Also on the first engagement at around 30 there is a tick sound, more like a grind. I wouldn't...
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    K13 Service Manual!

    Hi! Use this link from my website: It's the same version as the one contained in the dropbox link.
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    K13 Owner's manual wallet

    Hello Alberto, I've uploaded the Workshop manual and the Owner's manual in a folder on my website at the following link: If you own a CVT you can find the CVT pages from the juke forums. I might upload those also when I get home.
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    newbie.........oil question

    Hi Joseph, Almost 4 years and 52.000 km and no oil burn or any issue with the engine. It is recommended to use synthetic oil, 0w20, but as that is expensive and hard to find, I use 10w30. The finer the oil the better as the cylinder clearance is very small being a new engine design. The only...
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    04 plate micra auxiliary belt replacement

    sorry, I don't have any info regarding the 04 models, as I never worked on them :(
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    New Owner 2013 DIG-S Tekna (fuel consumption query)

    I truly don't know if that will make any difference. Tried once I believe but never checked or remember. I might try and see though on such small engine I doubt it will make any difference. a good trick on keeping the fuel down is to accelerate on downhill and push as little as possible uphill...
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    New Owner 2013 DIG-S Tekna (fuel consumption query)

    As for the fuel tank, on mine it empties after 31-34 liters, and I never filled up to 40 liters or even 38. Always it runs dry without any lines left on the fuels gauge at 34 liters. Not sure if this makes any sense or if you could check this also, but might worth a look. On the other hand...
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    New Owner 2013 DIG-S Tekna (fuel consumption query)

    I cannot speak for the Dis-g but for the naturally aspirated model I cannot go bellow 4.6l/100 (61.4 mpg) and this on the highway driving like a dead man at 80km/h -1300-1400 rpms. In the city I see a fuel consumption of 6.2 (45mpg). Average though without driving like a grandpa on the highway...
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    New owner minor niggle questions

    Hi! Then something might be wrong with the car. I have the CVT and indeed for mine is 161 km/h max speed and in your case 170. My mistake. Yesterday I was able to reach 190 on clock, 182 on GPS on a downhill so I am pretty sure there is not a limiter in there, at least not for mine. I could...
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    New owner minor niggle questions

    Hello, The Micra is a city car and don't expect to get you on the Autobahn at more than 140 kms/h. The official max speed is 161km/h. It has no speed limiters, just the engine has not enough power to push the car further due to the laws of physics. What you feel is not a limiter but the fight...
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    Excessive wear on the front right side brake rotor

    The standard pads were decent and saved me from several situations without any issues (except the fact that the engine would stall due to the fact that probably the CVT could not keep up with the speed decrease and would not disengage fast enough). I've just had some read on other forums about...
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    Excessive wear on the front right side brake rotor

    Tk you Phil, I haven't tried anything yet, I'm still in the market for the stuff required for the 45000 kms service (looking for a decent brake pads set and filters). It went out of warranty last week and from now on I will do whatever maintenance will be required myself. I've done so in all...
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    Excessive wear on the front right side brake rotor

    Hello all! I've got an issue and it bothers me a bit... if someone can shed a light on the matter would be great. The Micra I daily drive has now 43000 kms and I had in mind to change the brake pads at 45000 service to something better like the EBC Ultimax or Green Stuff. Prior ordering...
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    Winding down front windows doesn't remove water...

    Till now my windows were ok. If it is a second hand car then probably the previous owner sat with the elbow on the window side deforming the squeegee. A fix for this would be to force the squeegee on an angle in order to clean the surface better. Not the best fix, but might do.
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    Jacking points (for floor jacks)

    The jack points are on the inside as per the following picture (not the best lol but took it from the workshop manual): You can see on the car that underneath near the wheels there are some "mountings", that's the safest and best way to jack it up.