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  1. cboris
  2. Davy82
    New the game
  3. Lucifers K12
    Lucifers K12
    Servicing the little beast
  4. Vic
    Hi I need a code for my radio bp334947246648
  5. Bradley11
    Does anyone know if removing the stuff inside the cat on my k11 will mess how the car runs and what the 2 lambdas read?
  6. RobinG
    Help needed
  7. BigHaych
    BigHaych frank
    Hi Frank,
    I suspect a timing chain issue on my 04 k12 micra. Did you creat any threads on here that help with the replacing it or know of any.
    1. frank
      Kenirobo (sp?) posted some info on here mate
      Sep 18, 2017
    2. BigHaych
      Thanks frank ive spoken to him
      Sep 23, 2017
  8. WarrenCAT
    Micra K11 (Taiwan)
  9. huttojb
    huttojb Daniel Bolton
    I can try, what's wrong. Where are you located?
    1. Daniel Bolton
      Daniel Bolton
      I'm located in Andover, Hampshire. The car has lost power steering. Warning lamp on. Error codes have read that the ecu and motor have failed. Just need to diagnose the issue and resolve it asap really!
      Aug 31, 2017
  10. Anjel
    Need code for my radio...bp536556438283
  11. Daniel Bolton
    Daniel Bolton huttojb
    Hello, could you please help me with a power steering issue on a K12?
    1. huttojb
      I can try. What's wrong. Where are you.
      Aug 27, 2017
  12. brian.r
    Hi Had down flow sensor changed now radio will not work, could any one help with code please
  13. Bethoffreshair
    Hi everyone, just joined!
  14. Zigzagmike
    Zigzagmike Kev
    Hi kev, when i try to go into the sales pages i get a 'An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later' message, any help on that ?
  15. Khalid Rasheed
    Khalid Rasheed
    Nissan Micra K12 2007
  16. P19DJG
    P19DJG Darren8704
    Did you have to modify those front bumper spats to fit as I have some for my Micra which has the same style bumper as yours with the insert & they don't seem to fit?
  17. Micras for sale
    Micras for sale
    Have two micras anyone need parts?
  18. Suzanne Ward
    Suzanne Ward
    K10 Nissan Micra L in silver FOR SALE. Genuine 12k miles, 2 lady owners. Body work sound. No rust. Mint. £2k.
  19. jeoff
    Hi looking for a code for my Nissan micra s bp234631998740 7 642 346 318 please can anyone help thanks
  20. jason andrews
    jason andrews James
    afternoon james help needed with k11 wiring loom
  21. jason andrews
    jason andrews frank
    need a wiring guru to wire up a class 1 micra autograss urgent
    1. frank
      lord lucan posted up some info a while back jason
      Jul 27, 2017
  22. steve2000
    my first car my first micra
  23. Tommo1.0
    This is my first car and my dream first car
  24. Leighton
    Leighton nissan boy
    By that I mean is it a manifold cat or is it under the car as I ain't got the car as it's at garage and I've not seen in the engine yet so I don't know were it is
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    3. Leighton
      There is no problems jus wanted to decat it and jus do what I can looking to get 120bhp if it can be done
      Jul 26, 2017
    4. nissan boy
      nissan boy
      ahh right i do believe the standard 1.3 with inlet and exhaust modifications and possibly advance timing was claimed to bring them up to 100hp or hp in the 90s but may want to double check , im just running a primera 1.6 airbox and a cheap silencer which is i think has less resistance (sounds a little better ) and its fairly nice gets around pretty well
      Jul 26, 2017
    5. Leighton
      Sounds good well I was thinking uprated cams full exhaust system with decat air filter and maybe 1.4 injectors and a remap
      Jul 26, 2017
  25. BlueMOB
    Time to go retroooo...
  26. Leighton
    Leighton nissan boy
    Hi could you tell me if the cat is on my k11 1.3 please
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  27. Klink
    Just joined the nut house...
  28. Klink
  29. MathewsMicra
    MathewsMicra micra 2000
    Saw your post on rear wiper mod, you don't happen to have the pictures from your post? I can't see the pictures, but would love to do the mod.
  30. weeblue
  31. Danny 01/02
    Danny 01/02 Guy
    Hi guy I'm currently having trouble getting a radio code for my Micra and have been told your the man to see. It's bp538758559493
    Any help you could give would be really appreciated.
    Thanks dan
    1. Anjel
      I also have issue with needing a code. BP 536556438283 help would be much appreciated please.. ...
      Aug 27, 2017
  32. Chiron
    Just joined!!
    1. MaxK11C
      Welcome to the MSC! :)
      Jun 28, 2017
  33. Nathan 670
    Nathan 670
    Rebuilding ma12
  34. SeriousDave
    Loving my Micra after 2 weeks ownership, upgraded dash to blue LEDs few days ago looks amazing
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  35. Spammy93
    New Member Ex biker Caged in a K11 Vibe
  36. Spammy93
    New to the club Meet ups sound awsome
  37. yokwer
    Could anyone help? Need to know width of back seat of K11. Need to transport a large pod. Do not have the car to measure myself. Thanks!
  38. EvanK11
  39. Deek p
    Deek p
    Hi guys new to the club. Are there any meets up in fife Scotland
  40. Vincent Lagden
    Vincent Lagden
    Hello, first time on the MSC member!
  41. paul lloyd
    paul lloyd
    just got k10 need few bits any local to me to get some bits . lock set door glass rubbers etc .
  42. EvanK11
    The Mighty Blue Micra
  43. alpolly
    Turn it up till you feel it's gonna blow, then turn it back half a notch
  44. BigScottyUK
    micra no more...
  45. Ihtisham Rauf
    Ihtisham Rauf frank
    Hi Frank,
    I am very interested in the steel wheels that I've been told you make. I mean the ones that look exactly like the standard steel wheels on K11's but are larger and more deep dished. Can you please give me more information about these wheels and how much for me to purchase a set, any help is greatly appreciated.
    Best Wishes,
    1. frank
      hi Itisham, i dont do them anymore i,m afraid
      May 31, 2017
  46. callum colville
    callum colville
    Great evening at my first meet!
  47. callum colville
    callum colville
    My first meet with a modded car in a few hours time!
  48. RB_Pao
    Drowning, Not Waving!
  49. Nissan@UK
    Pls advise/help Micra 2001. As what is best thing to do. I'm sure immboliser is kicking in to. Does copy key need re programming. Thanks
  50. Nissan@UK
    Hi, Two keys 1 is original and other is copy. Original key fine, copy key not starting car. Also red led comes on when turning over. K12