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The new Micra

Just recently the details on the all new Nissan Micra were revealed, and It seems the car has caused quite a stir! I was reported that at the Frankfurt motor show, it was difficult to get a close look due the the crowds around it!!

The new Micra, which will be built in Britain from 2002 is at the time of this page still officially a concept. This allows Nissan to make any final changes depending on how the public reacts, however Nissans design head Shiro Nakanura said the car, code code named mm.e, is at least 90% complete.

The concept Micra

Reports say that the new Micra is more appealing in real life, but we like what we have seen already. Just like when the K11 was introduced the new Micra is just as jaw dropping. Again it instantly makes all other super-minis look dated and we believe its a sure hit when it will finally be released. Perhaps the most interesting thing on this new car is its roof, its glass. The idea of this which is continued through out the car is spaciousness, It is 89mm wider and 44mm taller than the K11. The mm.e code name means 'm'aximum interior space with 'm'inimal external dimensions. The 'e' stands for Europe, which is the largest market for the Micra and is infact Nissan UK's best selling car.

Other interesting points is that the car shares the same chassis as the Renault Clio, perhaps this will lay the way to some interesting modifications!

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